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Do you feel like the next Charles Dickens or Erik Larson?

Regardless of your writing being a fiction or a documentary work, we have a lot to offer, so you can bring your manuscript to the public’s eye!


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Book Designfrom
$500for 20 pages
  • We will make sure your book looks its best!
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$700for 20 pages
  • Rely on us and earn a new fan base of readers!
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$800Conversion Free
  • Promoting your e-book will be an honour for us!
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Happy author

As an author, I can assure you, that  waiting for a letter of interest from a publishing house is a nervous affair… Luckily, these guys were the first on my list and they published my short stories book, earning more than $1m! Thanks God that exactly at the moment when I felt desperate.

Bruce Delaney

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